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Blue ocean strategy for selling on Euroingro.com

In the 1980s, a fortune could have been made by setting up a stall on the street, but many people did not dare; in the 90's you could make money by buying stocks, but many people didn't believe it; 10 years ago, the internet in China was successful , but we missed it; now European e-commerce is growing, what are you waiting for? Do you want to miss it this time too?

Most people only believe what they see, but for that very reason they end up missing out on many opportunities before them. Only some people see the opportunities, because they believe in it, getting just rewards. Seize business opportunities at the right time This is not only a turning point in your life, but also an opportunity to create new wealth and value. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, difficult to replicate

Market expectations for selling on Euroingro.com

What kind of market is European B2B e-commerce? According to Eurostat data, total EU GDP was around € 15.3 trillion in 2017.

The 'State of Consumers Scoreboard 2017' published by the European Commission shows that, in the ten years from 2007 to 2017, the percentage of online purchases by EU consumers has increased from 29.7% in 2007 to 55% in 2017 , almost doubled. Looking at the EU B2B e-commerce market, this market has grown exponentially in recent years. The Eurostat survey found that in 2016, 12% of EU companies made B2B e-commerce sales, while this figure was only 9% in 2013.

Look at the opportunities and potential of the European market for e-commerce . B2B e-commerce are already evident.

Advantages of the platform in selling on Euroingro.com

Profit can come from an innovation, a vision, a choice. The sooner you take the opportunity, the sooner you earn. Each entrepreneur or investor has their own method of starting a business, but one thing is in common, which is the choice of a project with a strong background, with a successful model and a large space for growth.

In the context of fierce competition between traditional industries, coupled with the need for large investments, the rise of e-commerce has brought unlimited business opportunities. Hurry out of the red ocean of ruthless competition to dive into the blue ocean without competition.

The opportunity is upon us,
... don't miss it

Euroingro.com, since its foundation in 2011, has witnessed a stable and lasting development. In recent years it has grown steadily with a sales growth rate of 57% to 60%. It is currently the leading online wholesale platform in Italy and its customer base is gradually covering all European countries. to become Europe's leading traditional wholesale platform by helping as many companies as possible establish more sales channels and more viewing opportunities. What are you waiting for to join us?


What do I get by selling on Euroingro.com?

  • You will own a webpage of your own store and brand of your own.
  • You will be able to communicate, negotiate and trade directly with customers.
  • You will use the platform's resources to promote your store and increase your brand awareness.
  • With a minimum of investment, you will exponentially increase the competitiveness of your products.
  • Graphic decoration of the shop at no additional cost.
  • Professional photo shoot with models of 200 of your products.

Start selling on Euroingro.com to also get:


New Economy

The trend of the e-commerce economy is irreversibly growing


New Market

The market in Europe is growing rapidly and extending globally


New Opportunities

Negotiations outside the region, multi-channel sales, introduction to the glocal economy


New Model

Integration of resources, mutual benefit. A web page for each company


New Profits

The market and orders have no limits. Reduce operating costs and increase profit margins


New Policy

Online transactions, efficient negotiation, reduction of customer acquisition costs and multichannel sales.

plus_icon Additional Services

Web page management
Professional product photo shoot
Shop promotion service
Home delivery service
Comprehensive operational training
Product sales service
No more external sales contracts!
No more external sales contracts

The platform supports payments with Paypal, credit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery. The platform guarantees transactions in total security for both parties

We provide third party transport services

The platform, thanks to the dense network of contacts for shipping, has entered into contracts at a competitive price with the main logistics companies, making the delivery more intelligent, accurate and efficient. Merchants no longer have to worry about shipping.

Real-time reviews of product information

The platform has a department dedicated to the control of information and images in real time, in order to ensure the most complete and accurate display of all products uploaded by merchants

Increase your business growth with online sales
Online assistance

Transport consultancy , marketing training , professional photographic services and photographic coaching , direct contact between suppliers and customers , business consultancy

Sharing of data to optimize business development

Support of statistical data


Thanks to the feedback, the site continues to improve the system for a better experience for both sellers and buyers


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  • First B2B in the EU to initiate a sustainable transformation

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